Excavator Hire in Far North Queensland.

MDB Excavations Pty Ltd. provide detailed excavation services in Far North Queensland at competitive rates. Get a free quote today!

Need reliable Excavator Hire in Speewah, Tablelands or beyond? Call MDB Excavations today for a free quote!

Here at MDB Excavations Pty Ltd, we provide excavator hire throughout Far North Queensland. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers in Speewah and beyond quality excavators for hire at affordable prices. However, our number one priority is safety. That’s why we ensure all our machines from excavators to tippers are routinely maintained and tested to ensure there are no delays on your work site due to machine breakdowns. Get in touch today if you need a reliable excavator on your next project.

Our reliable Kubota Excavator is available with a variety of attachment such as mud buckets and tilting hitch.

In our fleet, we currently have an 8.5-tonne Kubota Excavator. More specifically, it’s a 2018 KX080-3SLA Super Series Hydraulic Excavator. Our excavator also comes with various attachments such as a tilting hitch, rock and tree grab, 300mm, 450mm & 900mm General Purpose Buckets, 1500mm Mud Bucket, Digga PD6 Auger Drive C/W 300mm, 450mm & 600mm A6 MFT Augers, Ripper Tyne, 450mm Earthmaster Compaction Wheel and Factory Fitted Burst Valve to Boom. Call today for a free quote on this excavator for hire.

MDB Excavations Dam construction Excavator Kubota

Our 8.5 Tonne Kubota Excavator can take on any job from retaining wall construction to post hole drilling.

Trenching, site preparation, road construction, highways and everything in between. If an excavator is needed, our Kubota excavator can do the job. Just recently our excavator was able to complete two dam construction jobs to the exact specification of our client. Fill out our online form today for a free quote on excavator hire.

We provide only the best excavator operators.

When you hire our 8.5-tonne Kubota excavator, we also include a certified excavator operator. Our operators have years of experience under their belts and can take on any task thrown at them. We ensure our operators are up to the task and we provide full comprehensive insurance, public liability insurance, and work cover insurance. Here at MDB Excavations Pty Ltd, our goal is to complete your project on time and on budget and as safely as possible. Get in touch today to hire not only our excellent excavator but also one of our highly qualified operators.

MDB Excavations Kubota Excavator side profile

From Cairns to Tablelands, MDB Excavations Pty Ltd. have you covered.

Call today or fill out our online form for an obligation free quote on our excavator hire in Speewah, Tablelands, Mareeba, Chillagoe and throughout Far North Queensland.




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